3LH at the Synagogue

We visited the UHC Synagogue today as part of our learning about Judaism. The staff at the Synagogue were so impressed with our knowledge! It was great for the children to have first hand experience of the things we’ve learnt about in class, such as the Ark, Bimur, Torah and Kippah.

Conscience alley

Today the children met an unsavoury character, in the Ice Palace. Starjik! He is known as the child-taker and has kidnapped Ivan’s brother. The children created a conscience alley to voice whether they thought Ivan should go after him or not…


We have been learning a little about e-safety in advance of getting our own class email account. We researched using the CEOP website www.thinkuknow.co.uk to get some hints and tips. We then designed a poster using our research.

DT and our fashion show!

The children were given a brief: To design a warm and waterproof outfit out of recycled materials.  They investigated and researched different materials, created a mini model to start with and finally made a life size outfit for Stig. We had a fashion show in our classroom and the children evaluated each other’s outfits.

Outfit number 1: waterproof and warm.

Outfit number 2: a little more stylish.

Looking for extra materials.

A fabulous waistcoat with extra padding!

Look at the detail! Even a bow and arrow!